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He could hang around with his friends or meet new people. Heidi would help with that. I'm sure Leven has a place on this earth. He makes people happy! He has a lot of depth too!

Most of the character who were friends with him aren't really characters anymore (Rissa, Alexis, and Roland) other then that there was really just Heidi and Gilly that he talked to.

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// Well I guess this is it

Essyn Amherst
// I hope that in the end everyone will be happy at least those who found it such a bother to not hate on others that this is the end of HA. It saddens me that this was how HA ended I wish it had been on a better note. Maybe it is for the best that it's ending. I have made several friends here and I do hope that we still roleplay in the future.

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Do have any proofs that old Annie was the one who was sending hate? And I have more screenshots that are showing real faces. Black Hood.

That are showing real faces? How about the fact that when Annie stopped being in HA (she went extermly inactive) the hat stopped then once she came back and tried to take back a character that was reopened due to inactivity (and taken by this point) he hate magically started again. Could never guess who was sending it. At this point Annie had been taken by a much more active admin so that the story lines could continue.

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