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Best Brotp

Essyn x Ainsley x Jess

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Who's your favorite child?

I don't play favorites!

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How would you feel if your child(ren) skipped school?

I mean I don't really understand the point of school but Ashlynn seems to think it was important. I wouldn't really mind if they skipped as long as I knew where they were.

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Have you ever been called to school principal’s office? If yes, for what?

What is a principal's office?

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How is your relationship with your parents?

Good question. I honestly have no idea where they are but they're probably traveling or something which you know is something hard to do when you're stuck in an asylum.

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Have you taken / are you planning on taking any character from the teen!verse?

@Cinnamonpuff is my character. I thought it was guessable from me using the term cinnamonpuff....

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Is your character going to have any children in the Teen!Verse?

//She does! Angel is her and Ashlynn's daughter.

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Post a fanart that matches your character. extra points if it matches your character with another character of HA.

Well that took less than a minute to find XD

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What character have you given up that you really miss?

Well I just took back Audrey

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Outfit of the day?

Sweatpants are probably one of the best human creations.

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Favourite picture that someone has taken of you?

Favourite picture that you've taken of someone else?

Have I mentioned lately how adorable she is?

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How do you take your coffee/tea??

With spiced rum mixed in or whichever alcoholic thing sounds good in it.

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Whom would you call, if you were allowed to make just one last telephone call?

I'd order a pizza to be delivered.

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Do you think that you'll ever settle down with someone?

I wouldn't mind that with her. I just know that I love her.

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Another solo for you guys! It has some adorable Esslyn at the end. Oh and Lena is the witch that enjoyed torturing Essyn just so ya know. Timeline wise it's post asylum.

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Whose daddy: Finn or Ellie?

Dragon boy definitely isn't daddy

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// All three of us as roommates!

Ainsley Carson

// I would say yes but it would be better if it was housemates and like we all had our own rooms XD Sorry I legit hate sharing a room I had to do it for most of my life and i'm finally free!!!!

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Favourite witch

Why do you think I would have a favorite witch?!
I have a less likely to kill and that would be my roommate because she is attempting to be of use, plus I promised Ainsley I wouldn't kill her.

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Name an admin you'd like to be roommates with.

Do bad boys do It better?

Oh, darling, I do it better.

View more Here's the OOC group, you don't have to join but it'd be great if you did so everyone could keep contact.

Henderson Asylum

Don't worry the "pet dragon" is there

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