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Why people sometimes simply dodge questions regarding team lineup ? I think it's a good way to clarify the situation -> nullify the drama, like rtz does sometimes. Simply streaming and ignoring everything/acting like nothing happened is really immature and gives no respect to his former mates.

Despite what some retards think, players are kicked for a reason. I do not owe anyone an explanation except Misery/W33. I rather say nothing about former teammates I respect, than mention what we think are their flaws (the reasons for the change).
I will never reveal to the public why misery or w33 were kicked unless they start spewing too much bullshit which they won't.
The only thing I will say is that this decision was not made on the spur of the momment and that Universe/Arteezy only agreed to join yesterday.

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did u felt a bit tilted going to the tournament becuse u had or have a looser streak on pubs ?

I can get worried if stressed out sometimes or I may feel nothing but usually when I play it doesn't matter regardless of my pubs. However pubs are indeed very meaningful so even though it doesn't affect me right away I'm not gonna say it doesn't matter overall

Do you guys meditate or do any mental drills to maximize your mental capacities? Like in soccer players jog to improve their endurance and jump on boxes to improve their aerial abilities. In DOTA your mind is what takes you far. So are there any things that you guys do to improve that aspect?

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I listen to music n i tweet Let It All Out of You before every match n listen to the song while playing

What do you think about changing PA's ult to deal 230%/340%/450% damage of anything? (You can deal extra damage on a daedalus crit and basher's bash damage and cleave etc etc)

I think it's a childish concept to have these epic crits I think the hero needs a slight base agility or dog boost n the ultimate shud be rescaled for less luck but around same amount of dmg


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