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If you could be invisible for one hour, where would you go and what you would you do?

Stand by a cash point, watch them type in their pins then as they walk off steal their card and then withdraw everyones money!
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Are you afraid to fly in airplanes?

Never used to, my anxiety has got worse over the years though, now I get all claustrophobic :( That'll never stop me travelling though!
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If you could visit the past or the future, which would you choose and where would you go?

I'd go back to the 90's, I have the weirdest fascination with that period
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'seems to think the world of me' excuse me? I do think the world of you, give me some credit! I tell you often enough:3! I love you<3

Well I don't want to say that you definitely do, I'll sound like an arrogant cunt if I say it like that :( I love you too!<3

what doyou love most about Beth?

Honestly, I could give you a big list of stuff like her cute smile or how well we get along, but I think for me I just appreciate how much she really loves me, she really does seem to think the world of me, she tells me she doesn't know how she'd cope without me, that just makes me happy, and I totally feel the same way
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What would be the best job ever for you?

it might surprise some people, but i would love to be a personal planner for some rich family, like organise their entire lives, do budgeting for them and organise trips and shit, if i could do that for a job my life would be perfect!
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what reason could you possibly have for splitting up for a day? seems abso pathetic. you messed her around to fuck. i have no clue why she went back to you. i wouldnt have. my boyfriends perfect though. far better than you. has more time for me too. another thing, youre hardly out together wtf like?

look it was more than that, i obviously hadn't planned to just split up for a day did i dickhead? couples have problems, people make mistakes, why are you such a massive prick!? well that's wonderful for you, i'm glad you're. i really do try my best, i give her as much time as i can, but we're both living very different lives, we have limitations because of the way our families do things, we live quite a distance from eachother, she's still in college whereas i'm in college, we can't help but be a little distant at time, but we try our best to make it work, whenever we can see eachother, we do! no we're never really out together, we're inside together..
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its impossible for me to go fuck myself you dull prick. i don't understand what she sees in you. im glad you felt like a prick, did you see her? she was a mess. all because you made her feel like that. i despise you. beth needs to know how much of a self centered prick you really are. buck up.

well many people use the term 'fucking myself' as a reference to masturbation, so you could go masturbate, whatever floats your boat you dumb little sket. you're not expected to understand what she sees in me, realistically she's the only one who can ever really understand it. look i'm really sorry about that, i didn't mean to make her so upset, but hey it was an issue between both of us, we were both affected by it, there is actually a reason why i did what i did, i didn't do it just for a laugh did i you stupid slut. i'm not self centred, far from it.
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I dont have a problem , just know i have a plan and im going to fuck her when she dumps you ha

yeah great nice one mate

Don't listen to whomever the fuck that is. Beth even said she doesn't want to be taken out and stuff. Why does your relationship even matter so much to them. You and Beth are in love and that's all that matters xx

haha thank you! exactly, i'm not perfect but i try my best :(


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