Ask @Ethan_Hanson:

Ass or Tits

True beauty comes from the pineal gland or epiphysis cerebri. That's what I prefer over female breasts and mammary gland or female gudius maximus. They are pointless unlike the beautiful pineal gland. While these female body parts have no part in helping you survive in the wild while the succulent pineal gland helps you survive on hostile environments. What type of sick twisted person thinks I would chose between these pointless female human body parts that have no meaning to me. You are messed up. I would never chose between those stupid body parts. I am in love with the sweet pineal gland. I don't judge my women on their looks and pointless stupid breasts and booty. (Btw pirate booty is nice and cheesy, but I also love Cheetos) I will always have my eyes on the pineal gland! Jk, personality is the only important thing. Why would I care if a girl is pretty when they are a complete idiot and is a jerk to people. lol jk ass.

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