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Were you aware of the rule that made that one MNF call illegal?

Ianunaut’s Profile PhotoIanunaut
No, but it wasn't surprising. Intentionally batting a fumbled ball is almost never allowed.

You have ten years and a marketing budget of 16M USD per annum to turn baseball into the global sport #2. How do you do it?

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It's kinda hard without an easy way to measure #2-ness, but according to various sources, it seems that baseball will need to overtake basketball, tennis, cricket, and possibly American football, assuming that soccer/football is #1.
The easiest way to do this would be to sabotage those sports instead of propping baseball up.
1) Let's start with basketball. A big reason why basketball can be considered to be bigger than baseball is the NBA's massive popularity in China. Otherwise, it's probably about on par with baseball (with Japan/Korea/Taiwan for baseball being equivalent to the various European leagues in basketball, and similar popularity in USA/Canada). It shouldn't be too hard to kill NBA interest in China. Pay a few D-league rookies to beat up all the Chinese players that make it to the US and the Chinese media will turn on the league in an instant. After the initial uproar, Chinese fans will boycott the league in anger and over time, interest will fade.
2) Cricket is harder, but doable. This is where most of the actual marketing budget should go. MLB should make a big push in the Indian subcontinent and create youth academies. I don't know enough about cricket to create a proper smear campaign, but I'm sure someone can figure something out. Meanwhile, Million-Dollar Arm-style propaganda should be produced.
3) Tennis is probably the hardest to undermine, though the distance between it and baseball won't be very big after converting a bunch of cricketers over. The main thing I can think of is using those cloud machines they used in the Beijing 2008 Olympics to create rain over every major tennis tournament, causing them never to be played (or to be played in treacherous conditions). Yeah, that'll work.
4) American football will die on its own as parents stop letting their children play due to risk of head injuries.

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any plans for mirai-hen?

It would depend on Akatsukin, as he was the main translator/thing-doer when we did the TV series. I'm personally not against it.

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Are you subbing anything this season other than Aikatsu?

I don't plan on doing anything currently airing, but there's a possibility I might do some older stuff. Not too high a possibility, but non-zero. I also kinda want to do an undercover trollsub of something current, but I'll probably get too lazy and not do that.
And if it counts, I'll be fixing up Charlotte scripts for BDs.

How does your desktop look like? (Table and computer(s) alike :) )

I use the default-ish Windows 7 Madobe Nanami theme. As for my physical desk, I'm too lazy to take a picture, so no answer.

Who should win the NL Cy Young this year? I don't watch baseball btw I just copied that other guy's question to make you feel better.

Thanks <3
Kershaw should win it, but he won't. It's probably going to be Arrieta > Greinke > Kershaw in the vote, but it should be Kershaw > Arrieta > Greinke.
Also, it's weird how the top three candidates all have seven letters in their last names, while it's entirely possible that no other seven-lettered pitcher will finish in the top 10. I mean, the other seven should probably be seven of deGrom, Harvey, Scherzer, Lackey, Cole, Bumgarner, Martinez, Lynn, Lester, Wacha, etc.

Which anime(s) made you fall in love with it / them in the summer season? (2015)

I haven't watched airing anime in a while, but during this summer season, I was introduced to Taishou Yakyuu Musume, which is pretty nice so far.

Oh, sorry. I thought you were a translator. The special is from Hibike Euphonium!. I'm planning on releasing a BD version and well I'd want to make it good. Thanks anyway.

Well, I do translate. If it's not time-sensitive, you can drop by Mezashite's IRC channel and I can take a look at it later.

Hey, I have a script of 34 lines, in both Japanese and English, can you help me checking the translation? It's for a BD special.

Probably not today since all my translation energy is going to go toward Charlotte. But you don't want me checking your translation anyway, since I don't speak Japanese.
What's it a BD special of?

Hi, charlotte 10 pls, bye

The script's been done for over 12 hours, so don't blame me. Apparently it's stuck at a single unimportant sign that is taking a long time to get done because Yusarin is very fidgety.
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do you have Twitter?

I made an account because one of my college classes required it but nowadays I just use it to follow fansubbing drama. I think I have like three total tweets ever. Am I going to have to get active on Twitter?

show me them racks, baby

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You're not supposed to play mahjong with racks. You line your tiles up against the edge and pull them up so they sit vertically.

What? How do you translate then? Like you must have a fundamental understanding of the grammar and stuff, right?

I mean, I can watch most anime without subs, and there are a lot of resources on the internet, but it's really more a statement about what I'd consider "speaking" a language. I've found that a lot of (mostly American) people like to exaggerate their language skills on Facebook profiles and stuff, where they'll list themselves as fluent in German after studying it for two years in college and spending a semester abroad even though they can barely keep up a conversation. I wouldn't consider myself fluent in Japanese.
Anime also tends to be easier to understand than naturally spoken Japanese because voice actors enunciate their words more than regular people talking.

Also speaking of translating, do you have any plans for next season?

Not yet. I'll continue editing Aikatsu for as long as Aikatsu exists, but at this point, I'll only take on new projects if it's a show whose hype I personally get caught up in, like Charlotte (I'm a big fan of Jun Maeda).

How long did you study Japanese before you got to the point where you could watch anime raw? And how long after that till you could translate?

I'm not sure. I've only taken three years' worth of classes in college, but as I said earlier, learning a language isn't just studying it. You need to get experience hearing and reading it, and you'll probably be much better at listening and understanding the kinds of things you've heard and read.

Is Japanese your native language? If not, how did you learn the language?

It's not. I've taken classes, but I feel like 90% of my Japanese comes from listening to Japanese songs and obsessively reading lyrics translations during my adolescence. Having a memorized Japanese corpus helps a lot, even if it's not always helpful. I'm noticeably worse in contexts that people don't sing about.
But for what it's worth, I respond to the question "Do you speak Japanese?" with "No".

How long does it take you to tl an episode of an ime in general?

It depends on what the show is and how seriously I take it, I guess. For something like Aikatsu (which I've only translated about 30 episodes of in total), it's usually about two hours, while for most other shows, it's more like three to five hours ever since I started doing two passes. It's hard to measure though, since I get distracted a lot.

That makes sense, but how come you didn't sub for groups like FFF or UTW where people know the groups' policies from its name alone and knew what level of quality to expect? FFF in particular since they don't have staff lists even, so retards can't say stuff like "xythar = cartel AVOID AVOID"

Well, I don't think FFF really has a reputation of being consistent nowadays, and UTW is consistent because their core staff has more or less remained the same. But to answer your question, Mezashite was already taking all the time I was willing to spend fansubbing, and I'm not sure FFF or UTW would have had me had I expressed an interest to do stuff for them. Especially UTW, since they don't recruit openly and I don't know many people from UTW.

What groups do you tl for?

I don't think I've ever worked on a release that doesn't have Mezashite's name on it one way or another. I used to be very idealistic about group purity and maximizing the amount of information a group name on a release held for the viewer, so I never ventured out of my one group.

Which is your favorite Aikatsu! song?

I'm sure I'm forgetting some since there are so many, but Calendar Girl I guess? Maybe Diamond Happy? I don't know if there are any that I specifically like musically, so songs with sentimental value go up to the top of the list.


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