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Post a photo that someone carry you

If a rdm guy follow u on a social media but u dont follow back means he's not handsome. But if he unfollow u eventually means u are not that pretty either. Correct?

Eh I don't care ?

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if there is only one ice cream flavour that u can eat now, what will it be?

I just ate it HAHA maybe salted caramel?

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like = happy valentines day<3


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youre Beautiful *-*

Thanks haha

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how to become happy?

Be contented with all that you have, I guess.

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can you stop being so cute?

nope. HAHAHA

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You are super pretty <3 :) x!!

thank you! ^^ :))

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Post a romantic photo of you and your boyfriend

Pap you and your boyfriend kissing

You're so cute and pretty

Thanks :)

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did u change much before and after going into your first relationship?

Yes, my friends didn't expect me to be so "tamed" by my BF haha

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i dare u to open ur photo album, close ur eyes, scroll down ur album and press a random photo. no cheating!


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hi dear, how advance do u think i shoould plan for a trip ?

Afew months before? I usually do that especially if it's not a country I frequent like bkk 😅

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everything official already?? hehe since when!!!!! and congrats im so genuinely happy for u cos you seem so happy these days n u deserve to be ^~^

Thank you ! :) yup I'm happy and we are official alr :)

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why is loving someone so hard?

Sacrifices needs to be made

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which states will u want to visit in japan the most?


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u don't look like eugenia now..... who are u??!!


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I can do a decent nanren nvren cover. Haha. What time do u knock off de

Around 3

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