Ask @EverIastingSorrow:

Okay..just don't tell him what we do there..*Though Sorell probably already did since he's honest to a fault--* they shouldn't be there today anyway so it's safe..

Don't worry! E-even if mom knows I t-think he would still like it h-here!

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+1 answer in: “Hey..Sorell..we're leaving..we'll come back in a bit but I don't think we should stick around right now..grab whatever you need and meet me outside.. *Silver says before he storms out the door*”

I've been ok, I think we're gonna go home, maybe ask Nova if we can bring some of those fruit with us

We did stay here a while..I-I don't think Nova would like us staying too long..especially after Raven went to that place he was told not to go..*Sorell then picks up as much fruit as he can carry and offers one to his mom* Y-you might need this

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+5 answers in: “*Geno checks in with each kid* Do you want to go home?”