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my role model Demi Lovato
I love demi lovato, I suffered bullying at my old school. I changed my school and now and all so different. have any friends before I didn't have. They said that because I'm a daughter of the Chief of staff gives school I spent a year that I didn't have to study, but I was at that school I just took the best negative note I had was 80% in a geography test, the rest, I could count on the fingers of one hand the positive. but when I changed my school I introduced the tests to teachers of different subjects, and they said that was impossible, I have gotten negative on another school, this school I don't know anyone of teachers or staff, my grades have changed completely from one school to another. now I feel like I can be myself, thanks demi lovato for making me stronger every day. and to one direction for making me feel beautiful.

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