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Why do you love OUAT (part 50)?

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This is where our game ends. Thank you for playing along with me and sharing why you love this show.
This show was a huge light in my life. I am greatful that is exists every day. The passed few arcs my not have been my favorite but they all had great scenes and epic moments. A part of me hope that season 5 would be the last so that I could see it end.
I'm at the point where I look back at everything I wanted to happen that didn't. We didn't get to go to Steveston. RedWarrior didn't happen and OutlawQueen didn't get married. SwanQueen still isn't together. We don't know who Lily's father is or what happened with Will and Ana or where Liam Jones (the half brother) is. Roland didn't get adopted by Regina. I never got noticed by Lana or any of the main cast (I was noticed by Sean but he's not longer in the main cast). I never got to meet them either. I never got to hug them and tell them how much they mean to me.
But that is okay. It's all okay.
This show exists. It hasn't gotten cancelled. It's still going. The fandom is strong and we always bicker even though we shouldn't. We all love this show for one reason or another. Once Upon a Time exists in our lives. I can never regret that. And since I won't get to see this show end-and it will be a beautiful ending with lots of feels and everyone living happily ever after-I can say SwanQueen is canon in my head. And Rumple is Regina's father. It will be canon to me. It will be canon for me. I can imagine my own answers to those questions. I got noticed by so many Once cast members on Twitter. I was noticed by Freya Tingley (Wendy), Lee Arenberg, Sean McGuire, Jessy Schram (Cinderella), Quinn Lord (Hansel), Kalrey Scott (Gretel), Caroline Ford (Nimue), Raphael Alejandro (Roland), and McKenna Grace (little Emma). I am so grateful for that. For each and every like, follow...everything. Thank you for being a part of that. Thank you for noticing me.
It's just one word but it can be some difficult to say. You all mean something to me and I hope I meant something to you. Have a great and wonderful life because it's short and unpredictable. Go out there and fullfil your heart's desire. Don't look back. Live. Love.... Goodbye.

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Why do you love OUAT part 50

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Sean faved my tweet and I didn't even know! I always check my notifications and it didn't show up. I was just looking at my pinned tweet and thinking "1 tagged 10 OUAT cast/crew members and only Jessy Shram (Cinderelle) saw it." So I looked at the likes and BAM Sean's name was there 😍🎉🎊🎉🎊
Sean faved my tweet and I didnt even know I always check my notifications and


It's only the biggest Once Upon a Time convention held annually in Paris! Many actors from the show go there. Usually half of the guest are from the most recent season. Two years ago Bex and Robbie were there. (Now Bex is a regular.) Last year Georgina, Elizabeth Lail, Scott Micheal Foster, and Victoria Smurfit wee there. Bonus: Megan Ory! On top of the series regulars.
This year Lana, Bex, Colin, Sean, Amy Manson, Liam G, and Greg G all came. Everyone hugged Sean at the end 💕💕
I wish I could go but hearing about it on Twitter is magical too. The videos are the best part ❤️


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