Ask @Exotix7:

If you remember YTPguy’s Third Empty Slot, who do you think that never revealed “Super Awesome Character that is better then all the others” was?

Adam Powell
I remember asking this exact same question on one of the wikis...
Anyway, it seems like we'll never know although part of me felt like it was actually gonna be YTPguy himself (not that he seemed to have an ego at all by any means).
To anyone reading this, can you please by any chance confront Finnthepony with this question otherwise it's a mystery and it will always be a mystery. I mean Aya's moveset wasn't even out when who seems to be "Chuck Norris' rival"'s silhouette was teased. I'd ask Finn myself but that would be kinda weird since I was a semi-stranger to him back in the day.

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