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Duniya ke sare rishte khuda banata hai naseeb ke hote hai Kismat ke hote hai Mger dost ek rishta aisa jo hum apni marzi se banate hai or nibhate bhi hai a ki waha majboori nahi lagti. Dil lagta hai..

qasamakhtar’s Profile PhotoQasam Akhtar Cheema
Dost aur life partner banane ka right Allah ne humen zameen pr dia hai🥺❤️
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I wander... Am I the only girl here who is trying to exchange good vibes with each other? I mean what are you all up to? Just doing nothing? Being Selfish? And especially girls? Where are you,,? Koi to ajaey jawab deny. Such kinda attitude!!!! Really hurts 🤕

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Itni disappointment?
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How to deal with sadness and pain after breakup? 😩💔

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Try to get some sleep or get your self busy, especially at nights try to be surrounded by people don’t sit alone because nothing can haunt like nights.
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