A bit of more context about you guys missing 1 week of preparation?

I was officially announced from GMB at 13 of May. I never played with the team before, we had a solid 1 week + some days of scrims. We fly at 22 of the Month towards Berlin for Riot Photoshoot etc (pretty much all teams did before the start of the split). Some things to consider here (not to blame anyone, not to deflect responsiblity, just facts from my only POV):
- The people that had the keys to the apartments (2 people that are not players) were abscent from Germany
- We were forced to come cause of the Riot photoshoot [ which is even more hilarious cause we didnt had the gambit hoodies, nor the t-shirts (i wasnt in the team before) - (the rest of the people left the hoodies in the apartments before they went to vacations) so we basically came for nothing and i guess the information that needed to be shared with the people responsible for the photoshoot never came through (!).
- Then since we were already there we were basically stuck in a hotel in Berlin, doing ABSOLUTELY nothing, literally like wake up, eat, roam around the city or try to find a solution, eat, sleep (i was fucking lucky that Cabo had an iPad or whatever it is, i use a potato cellphone from like 2004) from 22 until 27 of the month.
- At 27 of the month we finally get access to the apartments (apparently it was a vacation period here? i dunno no clue) and i/we encounter some pretty enormously hilarious stuff, lets just say that we spended almost all the day cleaning ^_^, we only had time for 2 scrimmages in the night, that's it.
I have no clue why this happened and there was no communication or arrangement to dodge this whole situation, i got informed also that it happened the split before, pretty much i am clueless, all this is not meant to be used as an excuse (in case for example we go 0-4), but in the rest of the season these defeats and the defeats that can realisticly come after them (as a result of the whole situation) are pretty scary. This week is going to be more stable, we are going to finally (i guess) have a coach and more etc.
Yes, Gambit could (?) have prevented all that, but in comparison to all the shit i have encountered (with the exception of SK) before/after league career, it is literally excusable. After some time many players (me included finally i guess) realize that we cant be bothered anymore with all this stuff, because first we have no power and even if we bother we can do nothing to change anything of it.
I just literally accepted a lot of stuff that i couldnt before (after the end of SK Split) and after. Another examples of it is that one of the apartments encounters a lot of packet loss (an issue that existed from the P1noy era) and nothing changed since then. One of the pc's that are meant to be used for practise (league in general) has a login password that no one knows (ROFL) so i am playing from Edward's laptop (true support). Fingers crossed!

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