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why would u be awake at 3am?

grandmasterqtip’s Profile Photoakunik
Hustle hard all night til the sun shine, gave hem folks too many years of my life so now I’m making up time

How dare you throw shit in my face about dating other people when you didn’t do shit to prevent it, ohh because you were still fuking your wife, so you couldn’t do shit about making me yours, yet you don’t want anyone else to have me?? That’s crazy and you are never going to get your way with me!!

I don’t play them kinda games

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What if When You Opened Your Mouth For The Dentist & He Spit in it? 🤣

xBaddJuju’s Profile PhotoxBaddJuju
I’m goin to jail… imma punch his bitch ass down on everything

how do u feel about cultural appropriation?? I just found out about it recently.. didn’t know it was a thing

grandmasterqtip’s Profile Photoakunik
The same way I feel about every segregating activity nhuman being engage i

Any movies that you’ve seen more than 3 times?

Neverthesamepage’s Profile Photo☻ ash ☻
star wars, all of em lord of the rings allof em riddick all three harry potter all of em

Is it ok to seek revenge on an ex who used and hurt you deeply?

Nah it ain’t okay, and it ain’t gonna help you....

when biden's socialism causes grocery store shelves to be bare, what will the socialists eat then?? the USA will be just like Venezuela, starving, with rich, fat leaders

cavespider’s Profile Photoout go the lights
Fuck then hoes, until Julio, Tyrone, Pancho, or Jerome is president, they ain’t doin shit for the hood....


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