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i always think about how different my life could be if i wasn’t so anxious and if i was more outgoing and social and confident and motivated. like i could be doing so many cool things but instead i’m stuck in this shell and i feel like i’ve wasted so much time already

Bilkul. Chalo date par chaltey hain.

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In our society we judge the character of a girl/woman by how much she sacrifices for the wishes of her family, how much she stays behind the doors and how much her body is covered. This word "Aurat" meams more of a "cage" rather than what it really should.

Fahad Iftikhar
Well feminists nowadays are fucked up. We all know some big names do such drama to gain popularity among their female and lgbt fan base. Tum logon ko kyun nahi samaj ate ke a lot of women become Housewives because they want to. It’s their choice. Pata nahi kyun tum log housewives ko degrade karte ho aur show karana chahte ho ke housewives jahil aur gawar hoti hain. Kabhi research karo ke china itni tariqi kyun kar gaya. Their women were hard working aur didn’t get influenced by western women. They were really proud to housewives and they were doing jobs too. Chinese women were really against women of Europe etc. And European women used to call them illiterate. Now look where they are aur hum kahan hain. The part women play in a countries development is really huge.
Ye apke sawal ka jawab ni hai bas aik point of view hai mera. Apka sawal to parha bhi ni

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i'm in love with the person & he knows it and i'm like a friend to him he gives a damn to me even if u consider me at his place i'm worst i have been worst with the boys who liked me and tried to be in relationship with me he is man who has not fallen in love yet with anyone any suggestions??

Send bob pic to him. And show him vegana

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