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Truth is i haven't seen you since like 2013 x) ta fuck sprinkle shits we needa hang out before i leave! Well other than that you're a nice guy and your smile got bitches from 0 to 100 real quick xD since 1996 cause when you were born you didn't have teeth lol x) haha take care❤ Rate: Dank. 10

ycontrerass’s Profile Photosandy contreras
Haha 0-100 ? XD I love that song:)
Well, hmu when to go visit you with Nathan!
And thank you :)

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Truth is I feel like it's been forever since we've talked, I just started watching prison break and it reminded me of when we first started to talk :,) anyways I miss you & we were real close at a certain point but you'll always be my 1st ❤️ :) hope all is well!

I miss you :( a lot has changed since last year lol hope you're doing well :)
Let's catch up one of these days❤️

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