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Sth u recently read and liked

Well, I'm not much of a poetry reader, but my answer will revolve around poetry.
I was reading a book about translation. Part of it was a comparison between semantic (literal) and communicative (figurative) approaches of translation. There were many practical examples illustrated in the book, and one involved poetry.
Now let's take a moment to emphasise how extremely difficult translating poetry is! If you do it in the literal way, translate it word-by-word, copy the idioms and expressions and metaphores as they are from the source language to the target language... the reader most likely won't understand a thing!.... and... if you took the communicative approach, deliver the "meaning" of the text to the reader regardless of the actual words in the source text... the reader will miss the beauty of it!... AND... actually in both cases, you most likely wouldn't be able to perserve the "rhyming".
Then... there was Janet Attia! She did the impossible! A beautiful combination of BOTH the semantic and the communicative approaches PLUS using rhyming words! No more to be said... just enjoy this beautiful brilliance...!
That's the source text...
وأين المودات من صحبة...كنحل يحمن وأنت الزهر
قليلون عند امتناع القطاف...كثيرون عند رجاء الثمر
وكم سقيت بشهد الوداد...فلم يُجْزَ إلا بصاب الإبر
فذق سِنة لا ككل السنات...ونم ليلة ما لها من سَحَر
And that was Attia's Magic...
Where are the cordial groups of friends,
That swarm like bees on roses' ends?
They gather round when the fruit is here:
And when there's none, they soon disappear,
For the love-honey you gave in a hoard,
The painful strings are a poor reward.
The sleep ordained since you were born
Is a night without a waking morn.
Just... genius! ❤

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how can you define "Giving"?

Willing to offer someone something without needing to be asked for it, and actually offer it, not stop at just the willingness. May it be something material, like cash or presents or whatever... or -even more worthy- something emotional, like love or support or guidance or empathy or advice. And the most precious thing anyone can give anyone in my opinion... their time. :)

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What would you do different if you had the opportunity to change one thing from your past?

Selenophile(Adore bibliosmia )
Nothing. There are a LOT of things that I don't like in my past. And theoritically I would want to change them all... but... practically... these things did shape me, my character, my personality, my following choices and decisions. These mistakes are who I am now. If I change them, who will I be?

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Do you think you've changed in the last year? In what way?

Last year has been by far the most difficult time in my entire life, still is, and I certainly have changed. The most significent change is that at some point I reached the rock bottom. No. I reached a spot even much deeper and darker than that. Then... somehow (with a lot of help from people that I'll always be grateful for) I found the will to start crawling back up. I'm still down... only took a small step upwards... but... it's a step. And who knows...

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Have fun exploring :) ....darkness fills the rooms that house the masterpieces.....marble blocks obeying the great general laws that rule the equilibrium, the weight, the density, the dilation & the contraction of stones;

This is very beautiful, I love it! ❤ and now I'm much more curious about this 40-years-old book! 😂 jealous as well! 😂 if it disappears from your shelves... I'm the thief! 😛
Thank you! ❤ new adventure tomorrow, has the word "art" in it! Stay tuned! 😎

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Recommend me your favorite book/books in any topic.

This is very vague, so I'll just mention few things that I loved... very randomly.
Anton Chekhov - The Unnecessary Victory.
Dr. Ahmer Khaled Tawfik - Utopia.
Naguib Mahfouz - Anything with his name on the cover.
The Penguin History of African History - Colin McEvedy.
Mohammed Elmansy Kandil - كتيبة سوداء
Radwa Ashour - ثلاثية غرناطة

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What makes you worry?

The future and the horrors that are hiding and waiting in it; possibilities of failure, possibilities of losing the ppl I love, possibilities of becoming a worse version of myself... endless terrifying possibilities.
I don't think about the future much, after soooooo much time of endless trials I could finally teach myself how not to, but when I do -I admit-, it scares the hell out of me!

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