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I can’t get the new update, is it out in full release or is it going to be out to the public in the future?

Hi, it is public beta at the moment, you can opt-in through Steam

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Hello guys, thank you for the fantastic game. We are planning large project with friends but we do not know, if we should wait until 0.13 released. Will be possible to convert map from 0.12 to 0.13 easily without loosing some content of 0.13? Thanks!

Yes, conversions are always possible. It might require to change some parts of the Factory, but usually not much.
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Is it possible to convert a multiplayer save back in to a single player one?

There is not a big difference between the saves, you can just load multiplayer save in singleplayer.
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How come my laptop wiith Intel Graphics can't run this game, after following the instructions to fix the problem?

The minimum for the game is 512 Mb of dedicated video memory.
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When the Factorio forum is going to be optimized for smartphones? I would guess not soon, because developing the game itself is more important than the forum. Keep up the good work on developing the game!

Yes, we use phpbb, which is 3rd party free forum software. We don't plan on rewriting it, as you said, developing the game is more important.
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Could you add S-bend train tracks that shift the train one or two spaces over? It would make laying out trains much less frustrating, and, I believe, closer to reality.

I'm also missing this piece, but we have so many things planned, that it probably won't be sooner than in 0.14
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Could you make the sandbox mode better, firstly that would be awesome if you could drive vehicles and secondly instead of getting items from a chest could you make it so you just click the item and have it. :0)

Both is possible :)
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You want to add dedicated server on windows?

You can use the normal factorio as dedicated server. The only reason we have dedicated server for linux is, that it is common to have linux machines without any graphics, so it allows to run it without graphics.
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Hello Factorio devs! One of the most complicated but best games out there and so many amazing things you can make! I do have a problem tho, I have 9.8 (or something similar) and it won't update? It says it checks for updates but it doesn't work, help a friend out please?

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If this happens, it is easiest to just redownload the game from the page.
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Why did you choose c++ over other languages?

Because I have many years of experience with C++.
C++ also allows hardcore low level optimizations, that very few other languages support.
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ever since I watched one of my favourite YouTuber play this game and recommended it, I looked for it on steam buy couldn't find your game! so it was the first time I bought a game from some where else. I'm addicted to it! thank you very much for making this game. 2015 is coming soon and the game wil

We promised to go to steam once 0.12 is stable, we are already working on 0.12 so it will probably happen in a few months.

ok so i see theres a railgun but know recipe when is that recpie getting added cuz i dont like spawning it in

The railgun is now not available in the game, as we need to polish and balance it. So spawning is the only way for now.

How many people have bought the "Mining Drill Operator" pack thus far? Is my name ever going to show up when building an lab of station?

The package Mining drill operator was bought by 3231 people (4%). (13. 5. 2015)

Can you add the Paysafecard to the payment methods please?

Paysafecard is fully operational now.

How can I start a new sandbox game... When I click play I only see Start Campaign, Load Game, Replay Game and Back

You are probably playing the demo. (Check about). In full version, the first option is the "New game".


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