Ask @FactorioGame:

Will you ever try to implement caves and stuff under the normal level to the game?

This idea is floating around the game from the start. In the first versions of Factorio, all resources were "under" the terrain layer that had to be mined out first, but it was too much of a hassle to search for it. Something like underground mining drills might appear someday along with some deposit searching machines. The idea of caves was there as well, but the priorities are currently elsewhere.

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Hello guys, thank you for the fantastic game. We are planning large project with friends but we do not know, if we should wait until 0.13 released. Will be possible to convert map from 0.12 to 0.13 easily without loosing some content of 0.13? Thanks!

Yes, conversions are always possible. It might require to change some parts of the Factory, but usually not much.

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How big of a milestone is 1.0 for you? Just buiseness as usual, as the game is already 'released' or something of epic dimensions indeed?

From the business point of view, we will mark it as 1.0 when we would consider the game to be ready for critics. There are so many things we would like to improve, that the 1.0 is probably going to be just one of the milestones :)

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Your game is just epic!!! But I would wish you could do more with oil. Btw can you please add accumulators to trains?

Adding another possibilities with oil and other resources is possible, we are just afraid to complicate the game too much. I would try to look around for some mods that extends it, we have the modding possibility specially for this reason. If you are asking for electric trains, it is possibility to have it in the future, but we have lot of things with higher priority now.

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