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Will you ever make a dedicated server option, I think this will be very good for the game, so 1 computer is host and everyone else connects to him, Pleseeee? Please do and allow for mod/plugin support (like minecraft bukkit plugins) I know that mods are already supported but I don't know in what way

Yes, that is planned for the next (0.12) version, so it will probably happen.

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In your roadmap (list of things that you are going to implement), you mention space platform building. Does this mean the player can travel to space? Possibly visit other planets? What are your thoughts on this?

In 0.12 the game ends by building a rocket. In 0.13 it will be extended, by building the space platform (spaceship), that will be used to finish the game. Visiting other planets or asteroids is not planned yet, but it is a bonus that might happen in the future, but no promises here.

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I recommend to improve the sounds, a game with these characteristis should have a better quality and more detailed sounds. Aswell i recommend to add camera options that would let you to move 4 times around your character, like simcity 4. Sorry for my english.

Yes, the current sounds are mostly placeholders. Daniel is working on the sounds and they will be much better in the future versions.

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Hello Factorio-Team... I am wondering why I can´t acces multiplayer with the version I downloaded yesterday... There are multiplayer Let´s Plays out there, so how can i acces multiplayer? It doesn´t show up in my client.

The multiplayer is only available in the experimental 0.11.x releases. And it is experimental for a reason, because you can encounter lot of different bugs in that version.

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Hallo factorio i can not play you game there coming a little box say Error and in this box there unknown control sequenxe alternative-build Plz help me

This is the error we have in 0.10.12 when you select some specific language. You can either set your language to English in the config file, or you can download the experimental version 0.11.8 to solve the problem.

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