Ask @FaithEgyptian:

1)Who was the last dialogue with? ✨ 2) Who is your first friend? ?? 4) Do you have many friends? ? 5) Favorite song? ? 6) Favorite movie? ? 7) Currently in love? ? 8) Favorite season of the year? ? 9) Do you dance? ? 10) Favorite fruit? ? Share this to everyone you are following

My male friend. SaraAlaa in my first school in Egypt. She's still my best friend in heart but haven't talk in five years ever a boy came between us. I do. But half of them I deleted. So I'm left with a little.i don't have a fav song. Fav movie interstellar. 7-yes I am. 8- winter.9- no. 10- rasperry. Riped pear. Kiwi.

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