Ask @FallenSnowS:

Where would you recommend someone trying to start a project like this should look for people?

Elizabeth Ojou
Lemmasoft is definitely the best place for recruitment. (In my opinion, at least.) If you skim through their Recruitment thread, you’ll likely find tons of talented people of all skill-sets looking to join a project—from voice actors, to writers, to artists and engine directors.
If you still have trouble finding someone though, you can always try some of these sites:
Lucid9 was born on Fuwanovel, and since it’s filled with visual novel enthusiasts, there’s a good chance you’ll find someone interested in creating a VN of their own. However, they don’t have a dedicated recruitment thread like Lemmasoft does, so I’d advise visiting their Creative Corner since it’s the closest thing to it.
Deviantart has a boatload of amazing artists, but if your project is noncommercial, it’s unlikely you’ll find someone willing to work with you for free. If their rates fit your budget, awesome! Or if you’re lucky enough they might volunteer working for free if they’re really interested in your project.,, and Wattpad are other places to look for writers. The only downside to these sites is that some of the writers there might not be familiar with the visual novel medium or how they’re structured, but you can always try to get them acquainted if you really like their writing.

For composers, the next best place you can look is SoundCloud. You can also try YouTube, but SoundCloud is usually where most musicians converge.
Essentially, try digging around wherever possible. Even places like Twitter and Facebook could pose results if you make connections within the developing community. Ex. “I know a guy from a dev group who knows an artist who is looking to join a project.”
Not gonna lie, recruitment is hard and you’ll likely get tons of polite—and not so polite—rejections, but if you push through it all without going insane and ripping your hairs out, you’ll find talented, like-minded people who are as impassioned in creating a visual novel as you are. As cheesy as this sounds, it just takes patience.
(P.S. Sorry for the late response. Hopefully this answers your question. ^_^)

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Why the aversion toward adult content?

While we were planning Lucid9's story, we weren't actively thinking of adding in adult content. At this point in development, there's really no point in doing so without having it seem forced and unnecessary—the worst you can do is detract the reader from the story. If the plot calls for something later though, the most you'd get would be implied scenes as opposed to something explicit. There's also the fact that some of our members are uncomfortable working on explicit sexual content due to personal reasons, so we'd have to respect their wishes on the matter as well. It can be a touchy issue, hence why we'd like to avoid it if possible.

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