Ask @Fals1fy:

Yo what do you think of Ganondorf in the current metagame of Smash 4?

no answers out of shield. none of his normals are faster than 7 frames, and he doesn't have reliable disjoints to make up for that. his saving graces are that he's heavy, benefits greatly from rage, and demands respect when recovering because of ganoncide.
he's probably bottom 5.

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Are there any sound effects from video games or tv shows you played/watched when you were younger that give you heavy nostalgia?

the cricket SFX from mario's hammer in TTYD.
the sound effect that the pokeball makes when releasing a pokemon in the original series.
"I can't let you do that, star fawks."
the twirling sound effect that mario makes whenever he enters a level in 64.

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What inputs do you use for Ryu?

for heavy dtilt into manual tatsus, I negative edge down to back, while letting go of A. then I slide my thumb over to B so I get strong tatsu instead of weak tatsu. I do the same thing with hadoukens out of dtilt.
I have c-stick set to tilt. the few times I tsrk (topkek) I'll have a walking motion forward buffered already, so when I do c-stick down I only input down and forward and A. same with uptilt.

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What was the last media you played/watched/read/consumed that you had pure, unbridled joy for?

Hunter x Hunter. It was by far the most engaging shonen I've watched in a while, it showed me that the genre was capable of much more than what we see in mainstream media today. The characters and plot captivated me in such a way that only a few seinen have been able to do. Most generic shonen tropes have left me jaded to the genre, but HxH surprised me with its brilliant writing and build up.
....then I would say Reitarow's art. I love his style.

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