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Sunshine, if you love me or no it's your business but at least respect me, austin is my homie and nothing more, just show some respect because words hurt, that's just a little reminder that i'm a human being like you, i have feelings and a heart just like you and everyone, so yeah, I love you

Girl, i know it's my business and i just said my opinion. You really don't have to send me any messages because i honestly don't need it. If you don't respect my opinion, u don't have to look at my page lmfao. I just said what i think about Becstin stuffs etc.. I respect you:) and i really do like your songs, but i just don't like to see you and Austin together. And i hope u understand it because i'm a mahomie and harmonizer so of course i do only ship Austin with Camila. ;* i love u more always

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Go to the real Austin and camila accounts. @Austincartermahone and @cabello_camz and see what they said

i'm sorry, but they're not even real lol. I don't know Austin's account and idk if he have an acc here. But i was reading @austincartermahone's answers once, and it feels like he only cares about likes etc. @Cabello_camz is also fake, i was reading her old answers too, and she did some mistakes in english. The real camila is @camz_cabello97. Don't send me hate, or anything. Because i believe in her, and nothing/nobody can change it.

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Ausmila broke up

I know Camila said it, but I'm not sure if they did. I think that a lot of people dislike Ausmila, and there's a lot of ausmila haters, and maybe that's why they want to keep their relationship in a secret. Maybe they're still together no matter what. Maybe they still love each other in a secret. But if they broke up for real, i'm sure they still have feelings for each other, true love never dies ❤ I love Ausmila, Becstin is just a shit ( yes that's my opinion so don't judge) if Austin would ever date Becky, i'd be like " is wrong with you" bc to be honest, what would he see in becky ? Camila is more sweet, she is nicer, and she is way prettier than Becky. And no matter who Austin will date. He will always be Camila's ;) At least, in her heart.

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