Ask @FantaHoang:

What is the most difficult age for you? How can we avoid these difficulties?

I still have not experienced the most tricky age of my life i think, but one thing i’m pretty sure abt my weakness is that i barely can say “no”. The best thing i could do is keeping silent... i’m dead inside

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Is there a person that you just talk and hangout with "for the sake of whatever" but your dont really like?

You dont have to talk and hangout with just someone you “really like”. Just “like” is fine! Lol Sometimes i just want to meet new ppl, so when i feel like “ohh this person is interesting”, i can talk to them a lot, or even hangout. So it doesnt mean that i really like or hate them tho. But for the ones i dont really like ( not hate, not like), most cases ends up by the fact that i prefer to listen to what they say without sharing anything
P.s i dont take advantage from friendship, so yeah dont understand much abt your idea of “sake of whatever”

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nhưng nhiều khi cô đơn ăn mòn dần chút một...

tùy theo cách ấy nghĩ về cô đơn như nào... kiểu như mình là đứa có thể enjoy được sự cô đơn nên mình không biết trả lời sao nữa, chỉ muốn nói là chỉ có ấy mới tự quyết định được bản thân ra sao thôi :Đ vậy nha

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thoughts on people of double face?

it just... normal to me. People even have hundreds faces that we never know, so be chill with that and enjoy the time when they still treat you well, keep your privacy, and also take do good things in order to not regret in the future
P.s : Obviously, i will take far far away from someone hits behind my back. but i just wanna express that "people of double face" are just one type of people in this world xD .

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What are the things that one should do before go to sleep?

Listen to your fav playlist (not use earphones), wear comfortable clothes, check fb, instagram, any social networks u use, stalk your crush, the one you like, the one you hate etc. After that, your phone dies and you probably have to charge your phone. It’s time to sleep if you dont want break your battery =))

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