Ask @FaraaKayla:

happy birthday!! may God bless you, farah Wildani!!

Omg thank you eventho its been a while😅 haven't checked the askfm for so long but thanks!!

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Hi there. If there was any moment from your pass that you loved. Which one would you want to go back to the most and to be re-living your life from that point on?

Hi :) I would love to be a better person ofc for Allah, my loved ones and the world :)

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what do you think of people who hates you?

tak payah fikir apa apa hal dia bukan hal aku so it doesnt make any sense aku pun tak kesah so terpulangla mahu jadi apa mahu jadi hantu mahu jadi buaya

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If you could have one wish what would you wish for?

just hope that i'll grow up becoming someone who can give happiness to my parents and shower them with my success amin

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