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يأتيك عوض الله فجأةً، فتضحك من نفسك .. يا إلهي .. كيف كُنتُ أبكي على ما لم يكن يستحق البكاء ! كيف كُنت أحزن على فراقِ أمورٍ كانت أسوأ بكثير مما كُنت أتخيل.. يأتيكَ عوض الله ليثبت لك أن الله دائماً ما كان يُطمئنكَ بإشاراتٍ وعلامات .. وكُنت أنت مُغمض العينين والقلب عنها..💙💙

smile maker ^.^ :-)
اللهُم عوضني عن كُل انكسار بانتصار 💙

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Mohamed Ramadan
Are we strong enough to leave our past behind?
Maybe we are, when the sun shines bright and all we have in mind is to work hard because we deserve to be happy or to let go of toxic people because we deserve better.
Or maybe we aren't, when the midnight approaches and your head seems to lie peacefully on your pillow, staring at the sky and counting the stars telling them what you wish for, starting with the only wish you have: May your broken pieces be fixed.
Are we strong enough to let go of our past?
Will the day come when we feel we can lie down about nothing except tomorrow?
Is our future hiding us surprises we never imagined of?
Would one day we will feel proud of all our heartbreaks and failures because they are the ones who made us feel the real happiness?
will we?

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