Ask @FarzanaAhsan869:

What's the most funny thing you listened in an elevator?

Something always happens in the lift of my best friends house. One day we both were going down when an aged man got in the elevator and he just scanned me from head to toe and did the same with my best friend. He didn't stare at us like a pervert though. Me and my bestie looked at eachother and was trying our best not to burst in laughter.
Ps. We never heard anything funny but just funny incidents happen.

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Sending a staif question doesn't means you've to show your identity i guess :) Plus I've seen what sort of sense you use while answering, hope it will help you in your life :))

Yeah I do have a lot of sense and I really do hope n pray that my answers help you too.
Ps. Try to use better sarcasm next time so that you don't have to copy others. No more text cause I don't have time to reply to trash for long.

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