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It always ends up with me feeling like I was never good enough to talk to u

I don't think anyone could ever be not good enough to talk to me.. why would you say that?

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I own you

Own me like you mean it. Own me and make me believe it so that I only ever want anyone but you, to own me..

If I look for you are you going to do the same thing ?

If you wait for me I am going to do the same thing. You name it, if you do it for me, I'll do the same for you . 😎👍
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Caught husband jerkin. Off to TikTok girls a lot of times when I’m sleeping. How would you react? I’m not sure if I reacted wrong

I would have been mad then I would have done the same thing, if he can find other women to satisfy him then why can't you find yourself someone else to satisfy you..

I miss you all I can do is think about you, can’t eat can’t sleep can’t listen to music can’t do art….im such a coward for not calling ugh

You can call any time 5202530861 and In case I don't answer just leave me a voicemail, I would love to hear your voice.

What goes through your head while taking nooodz? 🍜🤪

mayaembers1’s Profile Photo丅ᖇᗩᑎᔕᑕᗴᑎᗪᗴᗪ
Sometimes I criticize myself, comparing myself to other girls cuz I am bi and to me there are some females out there that are so naturally beautiful and I know I am too but it's hard not to want to change certain things about myself and then I realize. I don't think I could get used to looking different if I did change those things and looked how I thought I wanted to look. I wouldn't feel or be me. After all that though I am usually like damn! Why isn't someone else here with me too?! Haha make or female, we could take some bloods together, cuz sometimes taking them yourself is harder than it looks lol

Let me see you dressed in Navy shirt and Cacky pants again

I don't own any khaki pants.. or a navy shirt 🤦

Would you hold someones breath if he enjoys that lol

There ISN'T ANYTHING I am not willing to do, if it is what he enjoys..
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are you more of a speaker or listener?

I can be both, my preferred to be is an observer.. and a thinker.. but I can listen very well both literally and intuitively.. if you need me to talk I'll do it too.
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What is your type?

I like an intelligent person, and I mean like intelligent in more then just one subject but it could be literally about anything..from comics to mechanics and everything in between. I also really like someone who is funny, like logically funny, you have to be smart in order to get the jokes kind of funny. Lately I have had something for men who are on another level when it comes to how they treat and understand women, I guess you could say a man that is in touch with his feelings, not so in touch that he emotional about everything but in touch enough to know exactly what a woman needs, when he can give you intimacy without sex. 🤤🥵 but can be subtly intimidating and domineering but gentle yet also strict, when it involves physical contact🤤🤤🥵

I have a crush on you!

🥰🥰 really?! ☺️*Blushing and smiling
You just made my day.. 😘


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