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What is the point of being alive when in the end you're just going to die?

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Dunno why but at least you got to see your parents :)

ape perasaan kau org bila kita nk belajar sesuatu lain daripada yang lain selalu je diperlekeh kn?

Kat sini kita kena apply sikap "pergi lantak laa orang nak cakap apa" sebab awak yang belajar . So , let people say what they want as long as you love what you do dear :)

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Nowadays ramai yang kahwin dgn bestfriend. Im just curious of how they get rid of the awkwardness when one of them confess?

They already comfortable enough with each other . Nama pun bestfriend . Takkan nak biar awkwardness tu melebihi memori bersama ?

Your ex treat you like a trash before this and throw you away from his/her life and now she/he comeback, try to act good and pretend nothing is happen in the past. How you will react?

Hi , hows hell ? Is it not hot enough and now you come back for me ? Sorry i dont talk to trash :)

How can you accept someone kalau bukan waktunya?

You dont accept someone when it is not the right time . You will make many people hurt dohh sumpah , including yourself .


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