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To believe in love or to abandon this pointless thing?!

Now. Don’t be like that; negative attitude only brings negative results and in turn, more negativity. Start focusing on yourself. Be a better person so that when love finally decides to knock, you don’t throw bull crap at it. No one finds people who put on woe-is-me acts attractive. Positivity is far more attractive; self care is attractive. Love for yourself is attractive. Being humble is attractive. Love won’t come to you just because you whine and call it pointless. Do you think your future partner would be happy if they read what you wrote just now? The answer is likely no, they would likely feel that you’re calling them pointless and in turn, also being highly unattractive. Change stars with /you/. With yourself. With you on the inside. Change your attitude and perspective, and things will start to look different. But the results won’t come in a day or a week, maybe not even a month. Perhaps a few, or a year or two. Patience is a must. Giving up early because ‘woe is me I’m not getting instant results! Is not the way to go’. Plus no one owes you love. YOU owe YOURSELF love. First start with that. Start caring about yourself. Focus on your attitude and improve it. The rest will come with time.
Plus if you’re young, you have plenty of time. Unless you’re in your 40-50s you really don’t have to actively seek out for love and get upset because you’re not getting some when ‘everyone else’ is. Because it’s not everyone else. There are plenty of us here who are more than happy to be single, because we’re focusing on ourselves. On our happiness. On enjoying life and the world as an individual first and foremost. None of us are actively seeking love and romance, yet we keep the door open so if it wants to enter, we give it a kind and gentle opportunity to.
Don’t force love. Let it come when time is right. Until then focus on becoming the best person you can be. Practice virtues, they are a must.

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Do you agree that you should never trust anyone who is rude to a waiter?

I agree with it, yes. Especially the fact that anyone who is rude to a person without a good reason shouldn’t be trusted. Waiters are doing their best and in true honesty, no matter how bad the situation is we should react to it gracefully and with patience. Even if the other person is being rude, for example the waiter, it gives us no right to be rude back.
So I certainly wouldn’t trust a person who is rude to a waiter. It shows a nasty side to a person and something more hidden in them, even if they come off as a sweet angel anywhere else. People are people, they deserve our respect.

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What about your snapchat code? ?

I don’t use snapchat since I don’t like the application. I find it kinda materialistic how it relies on photos, especially as someone who isn’t a fan of taking selfies, nor has anything incredibly interesting going on in my life. Plus I enjoy being able to look back on my messages without worrying that it will disappear (: Snapchat is just not my thing, truthfully. And won’t be.

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If you were stuck on an island and only could have one person with you, who would you choose? Why?✌

This almost seems to be written by my best friend 😂
Can I take my cat instead though? I love my friends but I have a feeling if I was stuck with any on a deserted island, one of us would probably kill the other out of frustration, irritation or annoyance 😂 And I don’t think that would work our best in either regard so 🤔

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Do you know what it's like to stop running?(Metaphorically, of course.) I'm someone that just can't stop. From problems and aspirations to people. It's been this way for far too long and I feel that my hole is dug too deep. I look at where im at in my life and its...disappointing, to be frank.

You want full honesty?
Yeah. I do. Because I’ve done it for years myself and I know just how damaging and harmful it is in the long run. Because not only does it affect future but it also affects your physical and mental health greatly, which is a horrible thing to experience for a prolonged time. However if you’re disappointed? It’s never too late to change. But you have to be willing to want to change. To get over your habits and start up new ones. You have to be willing to go through the pain of turning from a caterpillar to a butterfly because it’s not an easy path but it’s worth it. You have to face things head on,- It gets easier the more you do it. But at the same time you have to do it gently. Gently, selflessly, humbly. As to not hurt people around you, but also acknowledge your faults and mistakes. And in time, you will slow down. You’ll start settling down and running less. You’ll start grounding yourself more and facing others because you will realise that is what they deserve, as much as you do too.
You can stop. But you have to truly ask yourself why you’re not doing it. Is it fear? Laziness? Is it simply not wanting to stop? You have to ask yourself questions because once you find the answer; you’ll find a way out. But perhaps you’re already out, you just need to open your eyes.
Either way, keep trying and don’t give up.
-sincerely, the girl who used to block people and make new accounts after the smallest of arguments because she was far too scared to face people so she ran instead.

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Is there anywhere in Canada you'd like to visit in particular?

I’ve kind of wanted to visit Toronto for a while? I actually used to have a friend who lived there, although things fell apart between us. However it has sprouted interest in Canada. I also used to babysit for a Canadian family and their stories always made me smile! ✨

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Someone you wanna meet right now or someone you miss right now?

There’s a couple people I kind of wish I could meet from my work, however I’m kind of too nervous about being obnoxiously clingy and annoying to talk to them to be honest. I can’t really say names since it would feel embarrassing if they ever saw this but yeah. A couple people I feel I connected with but after the whole job situation lost contact with 😅 also miss those people right now, sadly.

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I’d love to visit Ireland too. Why do you think it’s witchy?

Jesus loves you ツ
Well as a pagan and the fact Ireland has a lot of strong links back to all sorts of Celtic and pagan roots, it’s kind of the perfect place. Plus the fact they have a place called Beltane, which is also one of the pagan holidays (Sabbats) makes it even better! I love all sorts of witchy and magical things in the world as I am so fascinated by such things.

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+2 answers in: “If you had all the money in the world, where would you go?”