Ask @FawadHassan635:

Do you use planner to keep yourself or your days organised?

Black holes are so fkn dense their centres are called singularities and the density there is infinite β™Ύ their pull is more then a neutron star even light falls in and as the universe ages black holes might be the only places in universe that may be there till the last moments before the universe goes KaBoomm. Because they’re badass and ain’t nobody got shit on em.

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Or ik din mere se bat karna bhi chor de? Ab bhi to bas kabhi kabhi raat ko bat karta hai. Wo b jab neend naa a rahi ho.

He’ll be back. kadar bhool gaya hay tumhari, lekin dunia bari jaldi yaad dila daigi πŸ˜‚

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+3 answers in: β€œWo har larki se baat krta hai. Milta bhi hai magar phir bhi. I love that person :( I want to marry him, at the end mere paas hi ayega na πŸ’” Should I leave or stay?”