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Describe Charleen

Rayos? Well she likes Korean people and she likes taking weird photos. So yeah hahahaha

describe gemnil

One year na tong question na to HAHAHA kailangan ko pa ba sagutin? Hahahaha he's a nice bloke haha

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Describe Kisha

My oh my. Where do I even begin??? HAHAH it's simple. Kisha Eunice Aguila is my bestfriend. No, actually she's my sister. she's also the corniest and the most annoying person ever, but I love her nonetheless so I don't wanna get sappy HAHHA Kish knows what I think of her so bye

describe danielle lazaro

Danielle is my Mom. She's cool, she likes to use Medical terms when she's talking to me and it makes me feel so stupid HAHAHAHA She loves me, I love her, it's that sorta cycle thingy HAHA she's always there to comfort me and all that shit hahaha in case u haven't noticed, I need a ton of comforting bc I'm a sad piece of shit 😂

describe Nickson

Mindajao?? HAHA Shaira's annoying boyfie HAHAH he annoys me and teases me a lot. He's nice too I guess

Describe Shaira lugtu

Uso pa pala to 😂 Shaira u where do I even begin =)) we had a shitload of rough patches, but Shai was more of a friend to me than others. Yeah sometimes di kami nagkakaintindihan and minsan nagkakaaway, but Shai's not one to be called plastic haha. She's straight forward and she won't deal with bullcrap bc she's just not fake haha. She's sorta my rock tbh. She's always there and all that stuff. Comforts me and always makes me feel better. She never fails to motivate me too haha that's it bye

Bakit ang dalas mo sa ospital?

Bc I'm like that hahaha. Idk mahina ako eh .-. I mean like, the system and stuff .-.

What do you think of makeup?

It's okay, I guess. I know how to use them but I don't exactly use them.. Makes sense or?.. Nvm :| HAHA

Anu pwede mabigay sa kapatid na babae? For christmasgift.

Damit or book or watch or idk HAHAHAH pero go with clothes nalang para sure!


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