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what zodiac sign treated you like shit then made it seem like it was you .😂😂

Taurus…the men ain’t shit, but I love the women, they’re hilarious and so much fun

Would you take your EX back after years of separation

No, it’s hard for me to leave but when I do, I’m not stepping backwards. Ever

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would you date someone just because of their race ?

Not really, I date based on personality and ambition traits

How tf you talk bad about the person you dating ?

That’s weird, people do that? Lmfao if I’m fighting with my bf, no one will know it on social media, just one or two people privately. Idk mannnn

Would you get married on your birthday?

If I got married on my birthday, I’m gonna be hella extra and it’s gonna be over the top, have a big tron with my name on it, WWE style pyro and everything when I come out. I’m gonna be THAT bitch on that day Lmao

Do you accept or ignore message requests?

I usually accept, I never mind interacting with people as long as they’re respectful of me


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