Ask @FerhatKleib:

150,000 people will die in the next 24 hours. Do you think that when you die you live on in another body/dimension? (Your answer may be used for The Truth Contest website).

Well it's going to be like how it was before we were born into the world.
Absolute nothingness, its beautiful; motivates me to enjoy and cherish my time here, and leave nothing but memories that I've shared with the people around me.
But on the other hand, reincarnation would be pretty sweet; let's hope I don't get reincarnated into a bidet.
Again, wishful thinking.

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This is the first story i write. It means the world to me if you read the first 3 chapters, if you have wattpad vote and comment or else just read? Im sorry for bothering its just that this is my dream. Have a nice day x

This is pretty neat, although you should leave out the first "Note"
It had me confused to thinking it was part of the story, and if you need some assistance with the sentence structure and grammar, try using
It'll help you with the editing instead of using Word.doc

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