Ask @FerozSherazi: Jb nudes leak hotay hain fir sab ye kehte hein :P thougts ??

First of all i am really no one to judge her.
Human is a puppet of mistakes.
Ager insan ma aik burai hoti hai to 100 achaiyaan b hoti hain...
And who ever you are if u are a boy you will also have any daughter in future and what will be your thoughts at that time when her nudes would be leaked. You would definitely want to die that time. And if you are a girl you might have a daughter or a sister and what would you at that time?
Its very easy for everyone to make fun of the shiz happen to people or they just enjoy. But have they ever thought about what that girl would be going through. She herself admits that made a mistake and she regret for that. And People like you should not do this fukin stuff but they should help her in every way the could and if you cant then you lowlife person should not do stuff like this.
The moral for whole kahani hai we all have mothers nd sister in our home. So be afraid of the last day. (The day of judgment) #respectgirls
You know what m starting a support campaign for her.
Who ever is with me send me "@" with some supportive lines for her.
InshaALLAH i will help getting all her respect back

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