Ask @FiddleTwix:

Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not?

I believe in attraction at first sight, but not love. Love requires understanding and caring about a person personally. You have to know their likes and dislikes, their personality, their background; you have a get a good idea of whether you truly love them as a person. You can't get that from just a look.

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What's something that everyone should do every day?

Take the time out to truly enjoy a hobby. No matter what bad thing happens to you, taking some time out to even fiddle with something relating to your hobby will keep your mind off of it, relieve some stress and make you a little happier at least for the day. Plus, there are a lot of great skills that you can develop with hobbies. Even if it's just a few minutes, you'll be doing something that you enjoy.

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What hobby do you wish you could pick up?

I'd love to take up scuba diving, but my current location, big fear of drowning and lack of swimming ability keep me from even getting near it. On a different level, I'd love to start collecting toys or restarting my old rock collection. I had some really cool looking rocks until they accidentally got thrown out. I love collecting stuff since there's always something new to discover and cool things to see. :)

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Do you sleep in the dark or with some light on?

I went a long time without being able to sleep in complete darkness, but now I'm perfectly fine with it. I still like a little light like from my alarm clock or battery charger, but I'm fine in the dark. I can also sleep with plenty of light if need be. In fact, the only thing that really keeps me awake is is complete silence. I need white noise from a fan or my air filter. :x

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