Ask @FitzytheShark:

Yarr, so by a strange twist of fate, you've become Captain of a pirate ship. What be yer Captain name? Yer ships name? Who be in yer merry crew? And what treasures do ye seek?

Captain Name: Ol' Spooky
Ship name: The Floating Minnesotan
Merry Crew: Daze the navigator
Mith the chef
Torn the wizard (because pirate ships do have wizards)
I'd probably enlist try and Justin as comic relief
Peter may be on the ship, but he'd be forbade from driving it
And Nick'd probably stow away and wreek havoc
Treasure: Yes

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Last sexual encounter? And what color undergarments?

Last month Daze flew up here for the weekend and some stuff might've happened at some point*. Undergarments currently consist of blue boxers.
*This question involves more than just my personal privacy so I'm not going to blab more about it. :B
*This question may or may not have been mostly copypasted

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Choose between Buttrug's three 'Convenient Hollows'. First is an amazing pillow that never needs to be flipped over, it's always the perfect temperature. Second is a bottomless cup of coffee always made to your liking and warmth. Third are the most comfy shoes ever that never get warn out. Pick!

Well, I've got a crippling coffee addiction that lusts after the brown lifeblood at all times, sooooo...

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