Congratulations to Confurgence for breaking their own attendance record! Merely minutes after FurDU announces theirs!

FurDU concerns itself with the quality of the experience not the number it claims to have. We've always focus'ed on making sure people have a quality platform for people to create their own experience. That's always been our strongest point; party con and you guys rewarded us with an amazing turnout this year.
When a convention has to rely on fancy suits, expensive guests, flash hotels, toxic behaviors and inflated numbers to get people excited or interested... it's probably going to offer a significantly different experience and the community will respond accordingly.
I'm not in competition with CFG, that would imply we even remotely offered the same experience. Whilst others work on trying to tear down what is made... I work on making FurDu better for the awesome people who attend it... no matter how many there are. I deal/trade in fun, not spite/hate. It's ironic that we were first given the name Spitecon.

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