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Well there iss hijab for men too. which isnt really a piece of cloth but still a hijab. you cover yourself properly. Do not wear shorts or stuff. look down while walking. Thats ur hijab. The question was do u "do" hijab, not that do u "wear" hijab. You're welcome 🌸

Like I said, there was a satirical remark for men too. The reason why I said “a very important question to be asked especially from men”. That wasn’t an insult or a rude remark. I was actually referring to the fact that this question was significant for men to understand too. I was pointing towards the eyes of men and how they’re also commanded to lower your gaze while metaphorically equating it with hijab women do but I guess people took it literally.
PS: shorts below knees for men are allowed.

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Is our life already destined? Can we escape fate?

Destiny is not fate and neither vice versa.
Consider a very simple example of a dice. A dice have 6 options meaning that when you toss it, you can land on one of those numbers. That number you’ll receive is permanent and cannot be undone! This is called fate. But the way you decide to toss the dice and how you’re gonna throw it is what remains in your control and that’s destiny.
You cannot escape your fate if you’re bound to play the game.
Now reflect that example on your life. Death is fate and how you choose to reach it is destiny.

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