Ask @FlatformWalker:

Hmmm maybe I will. I haven't had a nintendo handheld since the GBA-SP. Though with me picking up two PS4's (families' and mine) I might wait till next year for the 3DS O_O

My brother had one of those... pretty sure someone stole it though :c Kids...
Yeah it's really expensive ;w; My brother will get one and right now they say that it'll be 588.63 USD for the party box! Craaazy :'3
I'll buy a PS3 at the end of this month though. They are crazy cheap!
And the 3DS isn't going anywhere~ Maybe it'll even drop in price °w°b

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Sell me on the idea of having a 3DS :)

Ouuuh an easy one huh! :D
Reasons for having a 3DS:
- It's such a cute little hand-held console and you can pick nearly any color you want (or buy skins/cases)
- Think about all the awesome games you can buy and play!
- It's cheap right now c:
- Spotpass is lots of fun since you'll walk around with the 3DS and if someone with a 3DS walks past you, their mii will transfer to you! *w*b That feeling man, dat feeling~
- If you're a collector there's so much to collect (stationary, hats & you'll see mii's piling up)
- You can send letters to me on Nintendo letterbox/Swapnote!
Hmmm... that's about it I think :3

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