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People talk about the past but like can you remember what you had for breakfast?

Yes some folks love to love to live in the past for some reason .It's ok to talk about the past if it was a life lesson or sharing stories of growing up or how you became who you are and other stuff.All that negative criticism of the past can stay right in the past.....We need to live ND learn from the past. I can remember what ate from breakfast. I HAD AND APPLE .I wasn't that hungry this morning .Yesterday breakfast I had spam toast and boil egg

Do you like to sleep with clothes on or off?

It depends if I'm with my guy friend/boyfriend or boo thing.We may sleep naked kr in our underwear.Out of respect for myself and kids at my home I sleep with clothes on

Do you think I am a good looking guy?

I can't say because I don't see a photo of you or how you look trust me go look in the mirror and smile at yourself because yes you are good looking you are a good looking guy in your eyes your always good looking.Im use my imagination and say yes your a good looking guy

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How old are you

I am 39 years old and look like I'm 25 the lord I blessing me I don't look my age at all amen to that.

Would you give up your dog that you love so so much to go live in another state with a guy who may or may not be your happily ever after

No take your dog with you if your dog is like your family take it with if you can.If you can't take it with you then find someone who you trust that you can give it too

I’m not “stalking” or even looking at any of ur socials. I’m not trying to get u to talk to me, or to weasel/ “butt” into ur life again. I’m not interested. I remember u fondly (the good times), and hope everything works out for u. But it’s over. No worries. No hard feelings. No need for forgiveness



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