Ask @Foever_fearless:

ap se sakht wali mohabat ho gae ha ab answer krne ki zehmat kro

arrey sorry yaar late ho gyaaa answer krne me , chappal kho gyi thi 🐽

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Bc ask pe ana nae hta to pehle follow he ku kraty ho.. baap ka raaj ha apk? .. ik bhi answer like ni krty..

You should have a brain to get a like from my side on your dick answers ... and no I am not so free na , I have so much of work to do , rather than answering some douchΓ© bags.. *peace*

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5 rules of happiness.1-Free ur heart from hatred.2-Free ur mind from worries.3-Give more.4-Expect less.5-Live simply.Life is short,Smile while you still have teeth.If people are trying to put you down Be proud about it,cz it only confirms that you are above them.Can you do me a favor? Smile plej :)

I'm here to make you smile :)
aww!! this just made my day! you are so good and have a beautiful soul , lit af ❀

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