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Mulford Samper
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Are you saving money right now for something special? What is this special thing?

No, but I used to, back in the days when she was still mine.

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How do you manage stress?

Weight lifting is a stress reliever

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What is your ideal girl? Loud or silent?

A cute, loyal and funny girl, probably shorter than me, who can't stop talking all day XD
Yeah, I like ones who have a lot to talk to, and cute :3

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What are your study habits and study tips?

I don't have study habits, I don't even like studying.

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How do you pronounce the Apache on your name?

As how it's supposed to be pronounced XD
Yeah, you know.... Apache...

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Brush tool or Line tool for stickfigures?

Phil S.

I used to use line but they take too much time, although they "do" make stickfigures smoother.

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Ka hot nimo 🔥


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why so hot?

I'm not

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body figure or face? why?

John Mark Tuquib Aguilar

Both. Idk it's just attractive.

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What's your complete name?

Mulford Apache Taliser Samper

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Lips or forehead?

Both hahaha

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What are your thoughts about Athena Joy Centro the daughter of atty. Jerry Centro? Why?

Don't know her

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Do you miss anyone right now?

Do I?

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Why did you choose Fordz as your user name in sp?

Cuz it's taken from my first name, Mulford.

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What do you look like right now?


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On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you sing?

How to stay safe online?

Avira Antivirus

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why did you take so long to answer a question in here ask?

Cuz this place gives me a bad mood sometimes

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Who you usually puts you in ''Special Thanks'' for your animations? and why? is inspiration, tutorials, FanArts, friends?

People who were significant in the making of my anim :)

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Are you my father

Probably in my dreams cuz I remember doing something...
If you know what I mean hahahahahaha

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How many times per day do you take a shower?

Once. Sometimes Thrice.

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Which three words describe what living in your city is like?

Baho. Kaayo. Makahilo.
Cebu Cityyy ^.^

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Why is David Archuleta your fav singer?


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What is the most wonderful color that a person could ever imagine?

Tharra Kenya Ambid

Black. Cuz that's the first thing you see before you dream ;)

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What questions do you want to answer?

Simple. Questions worth answering.

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About Mulford Samper:

I'm an artist and I usually make my drawings move. In short, to animate. Ask anything you want!