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Would u walk away from a job if it was affecting ur mental health?..

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Yes. I can relate. I went there, did that twice in my the past.
Never again will I have to experience it those issues as mis nothing, no money, material possessions, star shaped gold and silver foil stickers, fixes the past.
you could become the only one ever, in ending, gained absolutely nothing of any value at allexcept a complete loss of everything.
Knowingly and intentionally I was taken advantage of by a boss who fed me empty promises and untruths as they fabricated enormous profits at the cost of my family and my health.
How does one even find a number equals to damaging your Health shortening your existance.
Depending on the exactly what type in the severity of mental health affects that you're asking about, remember, some things in that area are not reversible like a TBI, PTSD, dissociating, Night terrors, death etc....
Some people will not be affected in the same way as you were, or not in any sort of way, at all.
Others find that they don't even notice a problem anywhere.
Adding it all up makes those little numbers look bigger. Some are blinded by those dollar signs of in their eyes explaining the lack of mental problems.
They might start to appear being born, even "made for that type of work"! they may be really good at it, almost like being on auto-pilot.
Everyone handles things differently than one another. Some do better than you did, some never make it
through the first day.It's important that you get out it, and get away as soon as possible depending on the severity. Recieve medical help for yourself. Don't forget about the future, new employees will be falling into the same trap if they come after you. Could you prevent this from hurting the others? Or maybe you don't care about others can you live with a guilt?!Super Human Workers will not if effected! They have no affects to their mental or physical health, and they may not be a body understand how that happened to you! "They must be a sissy, couldn't handle it..."
All that is important, is that you are happy with things that you do!
facts are, afterwards, when you recover or feel better, you take everything and laid out so you can understand how that happened to you, you may see the issues. You then look at the entire "big picture", now noticing there are many "little things" that went unnoticed. Now scattered around your world you have to clean up everything. You may now see life's value, you know your worth, hopefully you can be compensated for your anguish also included with a "damaged health" package an employer gave you.
"Bad stuff"can become a Domino effect, rapidly multiplying itself, reaking havok.
unthinkable and compounded other issues appear around you. Get out, run away! Go fast and hard don't look back! Life is too short and I have learned create my own reality now! 😆

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