Ask @FoxTailedCritter:

Do you have a type? Or maybe one particular thing you find attractive in others?

Tomboys (Girls whom dress/act guyish) are cute.
Eccentric people and HONEST people. ^__^
That being said not interested in anything other then being a friend.
I went into the fandom for coffee meet ups on furstralia forums, the podcasts, clean art and fun.
I would like to go back to the old days & just be happy. Not interested in drama or sex.

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Favourite 3 episodes of MLP?

Would have to be "Bats" (Flutterbat is adorable).
"A Canterlot Wedding" Because I love the Changelings. (As shown below.)
Also "The Cutie Map" (Because of creepy cult town with every-pony being the same.) <3
Honorable mention to "The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone" because it's shown more gryphons (Also had a major laugh at the gryphon Ghetto.)

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Favourite 3 episodes of MLP