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I have a serious crush on my daughter’s mother, any suggestions?

Wait a crush? Weren’t u two romantically involved at some point if ur crushing on ur daughters mother? It’s none of my business but u just confused me with the wording there.
If you want to try to work things out with ur daughters mom who I’m guessing is ur ex? The best advice I can give is maybe talk to ur daughters mom about it and maybe open up. When ur trying to start a relationship or more than friends with ur ex partner especially if u two had kids or when kids are involved it’s a lot more difficult. It’s difficult because of the parenting stresses and just the history between u two u know. The best thing would be to try to talk to her about it and be honest. I wouldn’t come out with I love you’s and all that right away but talk about how u feel u know?

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Winning cases is the most I’m good at. I’m already ahead of the 5 steps. I don’t say or do for no apparent reason. The whole time has been staged and I already wrote the conclusion.

Winning cases is the most Im good at Im already ahead of the 5 steps I dont say

You truth hurts…Are you willing to talk, respectfully, with purpose. It might not be able to be repaired, does that mean we don’t try

I just answered a question similar to this one a couple hours or a day ago. You should always try. Even if things can’t be repaired if two people care about each other u should always try. Best of luck anonymous shoutout.

How did u overcome trauma

The best option is to face it slowly but continuously. Facing and dealing with trauma is a very hard thing to do. Sometimes it can take days, weeks, months or years to cope and start to get over trauma. The best thing to do is to Face it slowly and continuously. It’s best to give yourself breaks when needed and always have friends and family members or spouses or a relationship partner u can talk to. A therapist or a counselor but preferably a good therapist can help you deal,cope and work through your trauma. Remember it’s progress not perfection. You’re going to have hiccups and difficulty sometimes and that’s okay. Don’t go hating on yourself or beating yourself up over it. Best of luck.

I can take us someplace far away but you don’t trust me and I tested you, you can’t keep secrets. Look around there is no mystery about you anymore. One day you’ll see me far away and you’ll understand.

That sounds idk that sounds kind of odd. I don’t remember any tests so idk what ur talking about anonymous shoutout.
I can take us someplace far away but you dont trust me and I tested you you cant
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