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How do you think about guys wearing nail polish that is done at a shop?

I’m very confused on why you want my opinion regarding penis piercings, long nails on men, and nail polish on men.
Idk if you are generally curious, if you are hoping for a funny or crazy reaction, if you are dating a guy who does this and ur like uhh idk what to think, but I will give you my opinion on all three.
First one long nails, the issue with long nails especially on men is the unhygienic aspect, men typically, not always, but typically work in job fields that aren’t normally the cleanest places. So the amount of under nail cleaning in my opinion would be crazy. Now is this all men, no absolutely not. My stance on long nails is if the guy cleans them, takes care of them, then it doesn’t really matter, I don’t date guys, so them having long nails or not doesn’t concern me, unless it affects their ability to do whatever task they need to do or unless it leads to very horrible smelling and a very unhygienic situation.
The male penis piercing, again that comes to hygiene. As a male I know first hand how sweaty, dirty, and how germy that area can be. Especially when you are involved in a very active, sweaty, always moving, always working life style. The main concern would be trapped bacteria/risk of infection to not only the male but also sex partners, again hygiene and proper hygiene is necessary.
Nail polish, again it’s one of those things where it’s like, it doesn’t really matter, I personally don’t care what a person does with their life. If they wanna pain their nails cool, again proper hygiene is a must. Painting nails doesn’t remove inches of dirt/grease or other things from underneath them. My main concern is MOST men live a very active/go go go lifestyle, and even with proper hygiene sometimes it’s hard to kill all bacteria/keep every area 100% clean. Also with the job fields MOST men choose can lead to build up of a lot of dirt and grime under long nails.
Here’s my ending conclusion, I don’t care what anyone does with their life, it’s their life, their choice, as long as no one else is being hurt or affected it doesn’t matter. My main concern regarding these three things is proper hygiene so no infections to the individual or sexual partners is taking place. MOST men live a very fast paced, and work in some hectic, dirty job fields which could lead to a higher chance of infection or dirt build up. This would mean the individual would have to take more time in their days to focus on hygiene more so than other men. That’s not a bad thing! What that means is to put/focus more time somewhere else you have to remove time from another area. As long as the males are willing to do this or willing to clean their nails/private area more often to prevent infection to their selves and their sex partners there is no issue with having any of those three. As for me personally, it’s not my cup of tea. Also long nails when it comes to finger play, can lead to scratches/infections to the other person, especially women. So if a male does have

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Does PA piercing stretch of it self? Then, how big does it stretch?

I wasn’t quite sure what a PA piercing even was. I did some research, if we are talking about the same piercing refer to the male private area, then yes stretching will happen pretty easily and normally.

Are there any guys who grow nails a bit longer?

I’m sure there’s some guys that do, I’m kind of curious, why are u asking? Are you asking for yourself, a friend, or just curiosity?

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Can we be friends again and throw away the past?

Sure, why not? I’m all for starting over and new beginning’s.

Are u inlove

Not currently, I’m pretty much focusing on myself right now. I’m not against finding a partner or dating but as for me right now, I’m just focusing on myself. Did u need any advice or help on a love situation or were u just being nosey lol, I don’t mind either way. What about you are u inlove?

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Do you still read these questions?

Are you referring to public shoutout questions? If so I read them sometimes, it really just depends.

Why am I receiving profile pic updates by someone and other FB friends didn’t receive it? Is there a setting where he can only notify me ?

Alright, after investigating I have learned that you can change a profile pictures privacy to certain individuals. You can change it to only me, selected friends, public, etc etc. now whether that affects notifications or not I’m not sure.
It is possible, I’m not saying it’s certain, but it is POSSIBLE that he changed it to only you, which would be well definitely odd…. I mean idk the age range where talking about here could be teens, adults who really knows. I’m not one to judge though but the odds of him changing the picture to only you and then hoping only u would see it I mean… to me it makes no sense… I mean if he wanted ur attention why not post it publicly? Also maybe he didn’t want “certain people” to be notified maybe bullies or just rude individuals. That could also be the case.
Can you give me more context and information on the situation so I can try to understand it better? Do you feel this “someone” has a crush on u or is this more of a this person is weird scenario? Also how did u find out that he possibly had his Im assuming it’s a him, his settings changed so only u could see it.
Also and lastly it’s non of my business but why are u very secretive lol, you said a lot while saying very little.
Anyway Mr/Ms. spy, settings and Facebook profile pictures can be changed so only your notified. Do I personally think that’s the case? Depending on age, if there’s anxiety involved, or issues confronting emotions or feelings, it’s possible that could be a hint… do I think it was? I’m leaning more toward a big possibly no. I do think u like him/her for you to dig that deep into that scenario or this person weirds u out so heavily that ur scared… either way I wish you the best.
Ps. When am I getting a Facebook invite so I can change my profile picture so you can ask me if my settings are set directly for you? Honestly I’m kind of jelly, also that seems like some next level of oddness. It’s like I don’t wanna contact but boom like at these 15 profile notifications girlllllll lol like I heard of not wanting to take the next step but damn. I’ll be honest I’ve been through some stuff, but never only u get alerted when I change my profile picture stuff so I can haunt u stuff. Truthfully I don’t think I want that kind of stuff. All jokes aside though, I wish you the best anonymous personal question asker who randomly trusts my opinions, views of things but never reveals their self, happy Valentine’s Day!!!! lol we’ve been doing this for how long now? Going on a year or two lol 😂 also u could have at least said happy Valentine’s Day u know… just use me and not even get me a box of chocolates damn just damn! That’s worse than hooking up without dinner or popcorn with no movie!!!! Damn…. I’m just a side piece it’s cool tear tear
nah it’s cool all jokes aside hopefully things work out for you secret agent man/women lol alright secret agent man/woman have a good day and hopefully things work out for you. :)

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What would you do if you were a giant?

The only acceptable answer is smash. Now what would I smash idk a tree or something. Giants=smashing whether intentional or unintentional you can’t be that big and not break things.
Now if you are referring to how I would treat people or tiny people. I wouldn’t be a giant who is the ultimate ruler and everyone brings me gifts or worship me or else. I would prefer an equal partnership as human and giant. I would protect, help, and I would defend. I would try to save lives and help all I could. I would try to cure sickness, hunger, disease along with building structures to help people. I wouldn’t want people to feel they have to serve me or be a slave to me. I would want to try to live in harmony with all other living things.
For a funny answer, it’s gotta be swinging my dick or titts in a circle to create global cooling and probably end up destroying the earth, throwing it into an accidental ice age, accidentally kill millions along with myself because I would run out of food lol. All because I wanted to continuously whip my dick in a circle at a high rate of speed. Such is life. Helicopter dicking as a giant kills and leads to accidental ice ages, if u go the opposite direction it leads to a heat wave which also kills. 🤷‍♂️ as a giant you can’t win for losing when it comes to helicopter dicking.

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What’s something you don’t understand?

I don’t understand why I get sent tons of personal messages, sometimes they don’t show up for weeks or months at a time. Then I’ll respond back to them just to not get a reply back. It’s one thing that’s always made me question what the purpose was since I got back on this site. I’ll get a bunch of personal messages, I’ll respond to them even the ones where it’s like what is going on, and most if not all the time the person who wanted to talk to me never responds back. It’s quite weird truthfully. I don’t really understand it, but it’s odd.

It’s crazy how far people will go to try to ruin a persons life. Spying, hacking, stalking, messing with the persons electronics. It’s absolutely crazy how far people will go and never once think, damn this is way too far.

This is something I’ve always felt and wondered about. It’s crazy how far people will go, legally or illegally, morally right or morally wrong to achieve what they believe they really want.

Is there someone here who has either or some of the following disorders: Borderline, Bipolar, intellectual giftedness, ADHD, OCD? If yes, how do you manage to live with it? Have you found a cure? If no, can you pray for me please? Thanks

Did you mean to send this personally to me? I seen this was sent as a shoutout but I was also sent this personally.
What were you diagnosed or what are u suffering from? As far as intellectual giftedness what are u referring to? Are you referring to being smarter than the average human or are talking about being academically smarter?
As far as coping there’s a good bit of coping strategies that can help. What are u going through?

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Why do men want to communicate then they cancel it? Are they afraid of messing up things ?

What’s the age of the guy you are talking about? Are they in their 20’s or younger?
As far as men wanting communication and canceling it, what is the story behind that? Is this a crush? Is this a bf/husband? Is this a guy friend only or a guy with special benefits? The reason I’m asking is each scenario means a different set of possible reasons. Also did you also ask about a job? If I’m still here? And a bunch of other questions? If so you sent those publicly and not to me lol.

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How to know who mentioned me on a secret Askf answer? I had a notification about it but I won’t pay any money even if I’m rich lol

I have no clue, I’ve gotten quite a few of those over the last two years and every time I tried to figure it out, ask.fm always wanted money. I would just ignore it.

Someday. All the love you give to the wrong people will find it’s way back to you in someone who’s waited their whole life for your kind of love.

Thanks anonymous personal question asker, I appreciate that. That’s just the kind of energy and hope I needed today :) thank you :)

If you’re thinking about me, would you tell me?

How can I think about you if you are anonymous?
In an Arnold voice, Stop it, Stop Hiding. Face me, Face me like one of your French girls…
Wait wrong movie my bad. That was quite an ice berg right ahead movie ay?


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