Ask @Fozia_Sherazi:

Post some emotional sort of poetry couplet! 🤗😉

I'll post the whole poem lol.
How hopelessly and helplessly I love you
Just to savor this agonizing bliss
I kill myself again and again
Saving your promises and lies
I have made myself a chain
I let it strangle me to death
A nip of your fake love in the air
And it leaves me out of breath
Lunatic, maniac you may call
Trust me love, this is not all
Your vitriol runs deep in my veins
And it's slowly merging in my soul
No piece of me is left in me
No me in me, just you whole
Take a shard of some broken glass
And slice me from head to toe
I'll bleed your love and only love
Will it be enough for you to know?
Whatever I am saying is true
I am hopelessly and helplessly in love with you...

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Yeah your smile tells that you’re photogenic. Honestly a good smile can turn any picture into a good one. Sometimes even into miracles 😂 Anddd please stop saying thank youuu. Im just being honesttttt. Thank you unko kaho jo jhooti tareef karain 😂

Hazique Nadeem
No tareefs please. Pls yeah agree with the smile thing.

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+5 answers in: “Heyyy, i just came across your profile and just couldnt help but stop and say that you’re attractive 🌸”