what happened to your mom?

This happened in May 14th 2011. Most of these articles are fabricated and its pathetic. She was a 49 year old advocate, who was fighting against dangerous criminals who were sentenced to be shot on target. They threatened her to drop the case, but she didnt and they murdered her in cold blood. The police NEVER rushed her to the hospital, her body was found at 7a.m. with around 19 bullet wounds all over her body. My father and my mamu pursued the case for months, regardless of what that one article states. We hired private investigators and what not to find out the murderers, who were 2 brothers, fled to Malaysia, and can never come back to Pakistan without being shot at site. They are wanted for many other murders as well. So this is the story of my Shaheed mother, and am very proud to be called the daughter of MRS ANJUM AKBAR. May she rest in peace. Ameen.

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