Ask @FreeNortherner:

Is the problem with SJWs the ideology so much, as it's just shit tier people being shit tier people? The fact that the ideology is incoherent is accidental, and just makes them worse than they'd be if they were advocating a coherent, healthy worldview?

It's both. Unhealthy or evil people make unhealthy ideology. Unhealthy ideology attracts unhealthy or evil people and makes them more unhealthy. Normal
people caught in unhealthy ideology become more unhealthy.

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Emergent group think in the mass media (be it in the audience or the journalists), organizations, and blog comments sections is a threat to any serious discussion of ideas. Do you have any thoughts as to how to prevent a forum of ideas from degenerating into an ideological singularity?

Start with a diverse array of ideas then don't play favourites in moderation.

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Do you think it's healthy to read tons of NRx blogs, considering scriptural advice on feeding the spirit, warnings about mankind's empty philosophies, and generally how few argue from Biblical/Godly wisdom? Have you pared back ever or been worried about the effects?

I don't think it's particularly unhealthy. Definitely less so than most other philosophical reading.

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