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Is the problem with SJWs the ideology so much, as it's just shit tier people being shit tier people? The fact that the ideology is incoherent is accidental, and just makes them worse than they'd be if they were advocating a coherent, healthy worldview?

It's both. Unhealthy or evil people make unhealthy ideology. Unhealthy ideology attracts unhealthy or evil people and makes them more unhealthy. Normal
people caught in unhealthy ideology become more unhealthy.

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Is the problem with WNs, especially with the shit tier ones, that they put "muh white race" in the place of God?

That's one of the problems, yes.

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Emergent group think in the mass media (be it in the audience or the journalists), organizations, and blog comments sections is a threat to any serious discussion of ideas. Do you have any thoughts as to how to prevent a forum of ideas from degenerating into an ideological singularity?

Start with a diverse array of ideas then don't play favourites in moderation.

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Why not Fascism?

It's too leftist and too modern.

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How often do you ask anonymous questions on

Never. I barely even remember to answer questions.

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Do you listen to any non-political podcasts or vlogs while you work? Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

I don't particularly care for either. I prefer to read political analyses.

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How comes people like you are lumped togather with hyper leftist "MRA" who aim for the complete destruction of any gender roles in society?

Because people are generally uninformed about most things and reporters are ignorant.

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Is it possible for an atomised individual to lead a truly noble life in the midst of Kali Yuga?

Unlikely but not impossible.

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what do oyu think of the argument that 4,5 to 16% of all men are rapists?

The best evidence I've seen seems to be that about 6% of men have committed rape.

About 4% have committed multiple rapes.

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Can you remove peppermint frosted from the neorxn feed? The dude is mentally ill troll

I've been planning to remove him from my blogroll for a while now. haven't thought about Removing him from RT though.

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Do you think it's healthy to read tons of NRx blogs, considering scriptural advice on feeding the spirit, warnings about mankind's empty philosophies, and generally how few argue from Biblical/Godly wisdom? Have you pared back ever or been worried about the effects?

I don't think it's particularly unhealthy. Definitely less so than most other philosophical reading.

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your view of utilitarianism?

Morally retarded.

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How important is it for an educated man, or woman, to be proficient in a second language?

Repnew on that persons situation

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What do you fear most in the world?


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What do you take away from this documentary?

Nothing, I generally don't watch documentaries. Usually agenda driven and manipulative.

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What is the proper relationship between philosophy and ideology?

Philosophy is the method, ideology is the input and output

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The immigrant invasion is the West's Divine punishment for centuries of blasphemy and heathenism. What better way for God to demonstrate the blind hubris of humanism than killing a civilization through its own altruism? Do you agree?


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Besides yourself, who's your favorite NRx writer?


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How is the economy of your country doing?

Good enough. Although, the recent tank in oil prices has hurt it a bit.

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To what extent does art reflect the health of the culture that produced it?

Almost fully.

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What is your favorite flag other than that of your nation?

The Second Reich's flag is pretty cool. I also like the Rising Sun and Albania's flag.

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What is life like outside America?

In Canada probably much the same as in America.

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If democracy never works, how do you explain Switzerland?

Who said it never works?

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Is society infallible?

Pick a year and a location. If you could suspend civilizational deterioration and cultural change indefinitely, where would you like to be?

1950s America seems like a time I could enjoy: before the worst of the pozzing began but not so different that I can't relate to it.

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