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Well, it's not just the idea that it's normalizsed in media. If you look at rape trials, a vast majority of suspects are released with the motivation that the victim didn't state clearly that she/he didn't want to engage in sexual activites. 1/2

still not a culture. You are innocent until empirical evidence proves one otherwise. I don't see why you should draw a line between rape and other crimes just because of your personal worldview. it's horrible and de-humanizing, but just as somebody who's being beaten half-dead, shoots up heroin all day, bullied heavily and robbed of all of their belongings, you'll get over it. You have to. Sometimes you don't get justice on somebody even if they deserve it.
Patriarchy simply doesn't exist. this whole wage-gap shit is a fraud, they don't incorporate all the decisions women make, or what branches they're in. Men are much more often the victims of crime. if anything, we have a HUGE empathy-gap between men and women.
La-di-da-da, that doesn't matter, all i want from these feminazis is that i don't have to go through court to show a woman's ass and tits in a film/videogame, because it "sexualizes" them (aka stupidest word ever concieved).

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Hey, I saw your ranting on VB's ask. Do you mind explaining what you think feminists mean with "rape culture"? You don't seem to understand the concept.

The notion, that rape is ok when the victim wears revealing clothing (i agree up to this point), and that that's normalized in media and society in general (which i do not agree with and it's not backed by any mainstream sources).
you see, with this thing you can only apply to certain sub-cultures, gangs, pickup-artists, MRM-hardliners and such.

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Hey, you asked Diabetus about You're Fired! I'm Chiller326, who you may remember as the guy who helped PinstripeHourglass with Ambition part 10. I had asked PH about doing it and we looked at it and thought that it was actually sort of depressing, so we nixed it.

Well, thanks for the respond, Chiller326! Yet I´m still curious to see that stuff, think you and PH should send it to Slowbeef for him to preview and decide for himself if they wanna rip on it anyway (I mean, how depressing can it really be?).

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